Building Today for Tomorrow's Needs.

Appleton Building Center
138 West Sorenson Ave. 
Appleton, MN 56208

Phone: 320-289-2714
Fax: 320-289-2715


At Appleton Building Center we carry a large supply of lumber and building materials to complete any project. Whatever you're building--a home addition, a shed, barn, or playhouse--we have the materials and supplies you need. Ask any of our helpful associates for the right materials for the job.

Some of our building materials include:

  • In our lumber department
    • framing lumber
    • treated lumber
    • engineered lumber
    • special order
  • Our building supplies consist of
    • concrete and masonry supplies and pave stones
    • concrete mixes, masonry and sand mix, lime, non-shrink grout
    • and all the accessories required for your related projects

If you don't see it or just have questions, please ask!  We are here to help you - always!